Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901B Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901B Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike is a hugely popular indoor spinner bike. Unlike other expensive models, this Sunny Pro bike offers superior riding quality for a very fair price. Although, it may not have all the bells and whistles that are typically found on expensive models including a top of the line computer system, it does offer all the basics to give you a great workout. It is durable, light weight, sturdy and extremely easy to assemble. This bike makes for a practical addition to your home that will give the opportunity to put in long hours before showing the slightest sign of wear and tear.


The Flywheel


This Sunny health and fitness rowing machine SF-B901B has a flywheel that weighs 40 lbs. The weight of the flywheel helps to create a smooth and sturdy pedaling stroke that makes you feel like you’re riding on the road. The pedals and wheel continue to spin long after you’ve stopped giving you that road like feel and helping you improve your cadence. The weight of the flywheel also lends stability and sturdiness to the overall riding experience.

Belt Drive

Belt Drive

The Belt ensures that motion is smoothly transferred from the pedals to the flywheel with minimal friction and resistance. Belts are more durable than chains and so require much less maintainence.


Indoor Cycling

Assembly only requires 20-30mins of your time. The instruction manual provides all the help you will need to assemble this bike. Since the flywheel already comes attached, the rest of the parts, including the seat, belt, pedals and handlebars fit on pretty easily.


  • The Handlebars have good padding and can be adjusted both vertically as well as horizontally.
  • The seat also has a good layer of light padding and easily adjusts for maximum comfort.
  • This Sunny indoor cycle can be moved around easily with the help of small transport wheels at the base. Check out here to read about football with the lads.
  • A 40-pound flywheel with a belt drive makes lends stability and creates a smooth cycling motion.
  • Sturdy and durable steel frame
  • Warranty: It has a warranty of 1 year on the frame and 90 days for the parts
  • Assembly is very simple. Customers only need to attach the seat, handlebars, and pedals.

Customer Reviews

This Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor cycling Bike has received a whopping 1353 customer reviews on Amazon and has been awarded 4.3 stars out of 5. The majority of customers are more than satisfied with the features and build quality of the bike and they feel that it is a great bargain.



A drawback worth mentioning about this bike is that it does not offer any computer system to track workouts or provide important exercise statistics. Although, this isn’t an essential feature, most people do like to be able to know the effectiveness of their workouts.

Another disadvantage that customers have highlighted is the padding on the seat. They claim that the padding is too light and can cause mild discomfort during longer workout sessions. For added comfort, customers can purchase a seat cover to provide better padding.


On the whole, this Sunny indoor cycle is a great bargain. While it may not offer computer functionality, it does offer all the basic features along with a good warranty in case of any damages. The bike is easy to assemble, maintain, ride, store as well as move around. It is a great indoor spin bike for the home.

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Sunday 5 aside football with the lads


Growing up in Manchester football has always been like a religion. For as long back as I can remember I have played football. Evers since I was a little boy my dad placed a ball at my feet and I just started kicking with my little leg. I remember falling a lot and not being the most coordinated as a child, but I simply loved the game from the get go. I guess you could say, it was in my blood.

Football has been everything to me. I played throughout school, high school, college and even made a career out of playing for an amateur league here in Manchester. And, although today I don’t quite play as much or as seriously, I am a coach for a high school boys team and me and the lads play every weekend no matter what comes.


Between the games, my team and the weekend 5 aside football with the lads, I sometimes wonder how my wife puts up with me. But, then again she’s born and bred here, so she completely gets that football is like a religion out here. It is like the glue that keeps all of us together and keeps us from falling apart as a society when things get rough. If you’ve never been to London, I guess you won’t understand, but we literally live, eat and breathe football. So much so, that people are even willing to kill for their home clubs. You can also read here about cardio training through rowing machine. The cult film, “Green Street Hooligans” will give you a pretty concrete picture of the obsessive love that people have for their teams and the lengths they are willing to go to protect their clubs and firms.

We take our 5 aside pretty seriously. Me and my lads have been together and played together since our school days. There’s five of us that are really tight and we usually play against another group of guys we’ve known for years now. Barring the occasional new lad that joins us from out of town every other weekend, it’s just the 10 of us who get together and play.

Sammy, Ricky, Johnny, Owen and I have all played together since our teens and so we know each other’s game pretty damn well. Don’t think for a second that just because we’re not playing for Manchester that we don’ t take our game seriously. The game does get pretty damn rough with abuses being hurled around every few seconds as well as the occasional scuffle. We’ve been keeping a tally for close to 2 years now and the losing buy drinks for the whole lot.


Although we don’t hold any serious grudges, each of us knows who we’re going to target and mark. In the past there have been some serious knocks and injuries, including when I tore a ligament in my right knee last summer. That was a bad one which kept me out the game for a while and I had to get wait close to 6 months before I could even walk properly. But, that’s part of the game and I guess are wives just have to understand that we’re not going to stop playing (haha).

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Why Rowing Machines Provide the Best Cardio Training

There are many reason to pass by the hoards waiting to use the treadmill and elliptical and choose the rowing machine instead. Not only will you burn more calories, but you will also engage in rigorous strength training while you get in a cardio workout. Yes, you heard that right. Rowing is a strength and endurance exercise. Unlike other cardio equipment, the indoor rower will work our entire body, not just your legs and leave with an awesome post workout burn. While the others in the gym will only be warming up, you’ll have finished half your workout and you’ll be getting ready to kick your exercise into high gear. 20-3O minutes with a decent drag setting and pace mode is all you really need to burn anywhere between 300-700 calories! And the best part, Rowing doesn’t put as much stress on your knee and hip joints as running does, meaning that this type of training is ideal for people of all ages, sizes and walks of life.


The Correct Rowing Stroke

However before you actually start benefiting from rowing, you do need to learn the proper form and the correct stroke to prevent injury and to make the most of your workouts. Proper rowing stroke involves 4 key stages: the catch, the drive, the finish and recovery. The first phase is the catch, where the body is relaxed and ready. Then begins the drive where the muscles of thighs push the body back while the arms pull the cord towards the chest. At the finish the arms are close to the chest and the legs are folded to complete the stroke. The last phase is the recovery which involves sliding back into the catch position to be ready for the next stroke.

Check out these 3 Calorie crushing Rowing Workouts

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a cardio machine that works your body harder than an indoor rower. It requires equal effort from your upper and lower body, extreme cardiovascular fitness, and ridiculous muscular endurance to blast out rep after rep. To get ready you simply need to choose a drag setting for the flywheel (concept 2) by adjusting the damper, select a pace mode and begin rowing.


  1. The 30/30 HIIT Sprints Rowing Workout

This workout is designed for high intensity and is perfect if you’re short on time. It will enhance your strength and explosive power in just 20 minutes. However you will need to warm up before and cool down after, so you don’t hurt yourself .You can expect to burn approx 300-500 calories with this one!

Keep your stroke rate between 26-32.

Warmup :10m easy row

3 intervals (rest 2 minutes between intervals)

  • 1 interval = 30s: max sprint, 30s:rest for 5 rounds
  1. The 2k Workout

A long rowing workout is more than physical it’s mental, just like a long run. To get used to the length and intensity of this workout, you can set shorter intervals of 400-500 meters to get accustomed to rowing longer distances without getting exhausted.Here you can also know about awesome home gym workouts.

The target of this workout is to complete 2 km in equal instalments of 500m by reducing the period of rest between each instalment by 15 seconds everytime. Set the damper between 3-5 and get started with a light warm up. Row 500m, rest 2m, row 500m, rest 1:45m, row 500m, rest 1:30 and the last 500m. Try and maintain the 500m splits for each set.

Rowing machine

  1. 1m/30s Sprints

This is a gruelling workout. Set the damper between 4-5 and begin your warm up. After working up a little seat, get to work.

Sprint with max effort for 1m, rest for 30s. Repeat this for 15 intervals and you’ll be dying to hop off and get in the shower. Get through and you’ll feel on top of the world.

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Shred Fat and Build Strength with these Awesome Home gym Workouts

Having a home gym can motivate you to workout, even on the laziest of days. While going to the gym requires a lot of preparation and effort, a home gym saves you precious any preparation and effort. To go to the gym, you first have to get ready, then get in your car and navigate through traffic, all of which can sap your energy and leave unmotivated before you even get to the gym. With a gym at home, you have the luxury of taking a few minutes to relax after a long days work and really mentally prepare yourself for the workout ahead.

home gym workouts

Take a look at these 4 awesome home gym workouts that will help you to build and shred fat at the same time.

1. Body weight training

Body Weight

All you require for this workout is your own body weight. Start with a light run of 800m or do some skipping if you nowhere to run. The ideas is to get your heart rate up and your body warm before you start the workout, so you don’t injure yourself.

Perform 3-4 sets of push ups. Depending on your fitness level, you can perform 10-20 reps and rest 30-60 seconds between sets.

Perform 3-4 sets of walking lounges. Do 10 lunges on each leg and rest 30-60 seconds between sets.

2. Body Weight Interval Training


You will need a pull-up bar for this workout.

Warm up with a short run of 800-1 km or perform a few rounds of skipping to get the blood flowing.

Warm up tips:

  • Neck rotation
  • Arm circles, elbow circles, wrist rotations
  • Jumping jacks
  • Forward and backward bends

Alternate between pull-ups and Speed Squats for 3-4 sets:

  • Perform 15 speed squats, then 8-10 pull-ups. This is one set. Rest 1 min between sets


Alternate between Push ups and lunges for 3-4 sets:

  • Perform 20 push ups, then 15-20 lunges for one set. Rest 1 min between sets.

Cool down and stretch.

3. Advanced Body Weight Interval Training

pull ups

Do not attempt this workout, until you’re comfortable with perform consecutive speed squats, lunges, push ups and pull-ups. If you’re wondering why I keep emphasizing the same 4 basis exercises, it is because they are the building blocks for building a strong and athletic physique.

Run 1 km. Include side stepping and backward runs in your run to warm up all the various muscles in your legs. Skip for 3×1 min rounds to get your heart rate up and some sweat going.

Warm up each body part carefully, starting with your neck, shoulders, arms, chest, back, and legs.

For the first round,

Perform kipping pull-ups and jumping squats. Do 4-5 sets of:

  • 12 pullups and 15 jump squats. Rest 1 min between sets.

Perform clap push ups and jumping lunges. Again, do 4-5 sets.

  • 15 clap push ups and 20 jumping lunges (10 on each side). Rest 1 min between sets.

Cool down.

Plank for 1-2 min, then stretch and relax.

4. Strong man Barbell lifts

Barbell lifts

Once you can comfortably perform the previous workout without much sweat, you can more onto lifting and moving more weight. However, you will need to go at your own pace and listen to your body. You will also need to learn the big 5 fundamental lifting moves:

-The bench press

-The overhead Press

-The Deadlift

-The squat and,

-The Barbell row

Once you can perform the above movements with proper form and relative ease, you’re ready for the workout.

This workout is 5×5 power lifting workout designed to increase power, strength and burn fat.

  • Squat 5×5. Rest 1-2 min between sets. Choose a weight on the barbell that you lift comfortably for 5 sets of 5 reps.
  • Barbell overhead press5×5. Rest 1-2 min between sets. Choose a weight on the barbell that you lift comfortably for 5 sets of 5 reps.
  • Deadlift 5×5. Rest 1-2 min between sets. Choose a weight on the barbell that you lift comfortably for 5 sets of 5 reps.

Once you’re done, cool down and do some light stretching.



Each workout that I’ve mentioned above should be performed in the proper order starting with 1 and working up to 4 gradually. Building real strength is not a one day or 1 month job, it takes time, effort and consistency, So take your time and gradually progress to harder levels of difficulty.

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Watching the Manchester Derby

For those of you who are not from around these parts, the Manchester Derby is a match between Manchester City and Manchester United, both premier football clubs that play in the EPL (English Premier League). Both these team have has a long history of rivalry dating back to the late 19th century. Yeah it has been that long, close to a 110 years. Although the first few matches were not overly competitive, as time progresses, a heated rivalry began to evolve between both teams after players from both teams suffered serious injuries. The most historic and violent of which was committed by George Best of United on City’s Glyn Pardoe, who nearly lost his leg and forced out of play for a considerable amount of time.

Manchester Derby

Another famous event that contributed to the historic rivalry and bad blood between the teams occurred during the game that has come to be known as the Denis Law game. Denis played for United as a defender. During the last few minutes of the game, with the score still level, Denis who was defending the goal with his back facing it, back heeled the ball into the net. Although, the ‘own’ goal cost United the match, Denis was forced to resign and was never again allowed to play league football. United players rushed into the pitch and the game was abandoned soon after that. United were relegated that year on account of having lost a series of matches, and although Denis’s decision was directly responsible for the club’s relegation, it still remains the most unprofessional and lowly act that a footballer can commit.

After the formation of the Premier League in the early 1990’s, both clubs have grown in stature and in popularity. After City’s big money take over in early 2008, the club has been a force to reckon with, having won two league titles in 2010 and in 2014. However, no club holds more league titles than Manchester United who have won the league a staggering 13 times. I am extremely proud to belong to the Old Trafford and to have the privilege of supporting my home club, Manchester United. Here you can also read about indoor cycling bike. The boys in red have been a truly fantastic team, through many ups and downs they have held their heads held high and have always set a great example of how a club should conduct its affairs both on and off the pitch.

Here’s a clip of me, the lads and my two boys watching the last years October Manchester Derby in Old Trafford. The game ended in a draw and wasn’t the most fantastic in terms of play either, but it is always an amazing experience to be there in the stadium and support our team. My boys absolutely love the game as well and I think like me they will probably stick with it for as long as they live. Once you’re a part of the fever, one way or the other it transforms and keeps you young and ready for a lot that life might throw your way.

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